What are the steps to complete the Virtual Enrollment?

Step 1: Choose the language you want to learn, you can guide yourself about the number of cycles of the language you chose in the following table:

Language Basic Intermediate Advanced
English 10 cycles 10 cycles 6 cycles
Portuguese 5 cycles 4 cycles 3 cycles
Quechua 6 cycles 6 cycles 5 cycles

Step 2: Choose the frequency with which you want to carry the language there are two: Regular or Intensive , each varies in the duration of each cycle of any language you choose. Obtaining between one option or another does not change the cost.

Cycle time
Regular 1 Month
Intensive 15 Days

Example: If you take the Italian course from the Basic level to the Intermediate level on a continuous basis in the frequency Regular the course will end in an estimated time of: 9 months . On the other hand, if you do it on the Intensive frequency it will culminate in an estimated time of: 4 and a half months

Step 3: Pay in the BANCO DE COMERCIO to the code and the corresponding amount:

Cost Table
All payments are made in the Banco de Comercio
General Public Registration S /. 30.00 Code 82591
Pre Grade Student Pension per cycle S /. 100.00 Code 82592
CUDED student Pension per cycle S /. 100.00 Code 82600
Teachers or administrative Pension per cycle S /. 100.00 code 82599
Individual Pension per cycle S /. 200.00 Code 82601
Post Degree Pension per cycle S /. 200.00 code 82601
Virtual (*) Pension per cycle S /. 200.00 Code 82601

Step 4: Scan or take a photo with your cell phone to the following documents:

  • Bank of Commerce payment receipt.
  • ID
  • Current university card (Undergraduate students only)

Step 5: Now you can choose the schedule that suits you, to continue with the registration click on the “Enroll me” button as in the image at the bottom, read the shipping instructions and fill out the form of personal data and payments made.

Fill out personal data form: Complete the form by entering your personal data. By entering the data you declare as true.

Fill out the payment form and documents: Complete the information and attach the images corresponding to the tuition and pension payments, also attach the image of your ID; Only undergraduate students must attach their university card or other document proving that they are studying at the university. By entering the data you declare them as true.

See Schedules

Atention: Delivery of original payment vouchers to your teacher on the 1st day of class: To complete your registration process you must deliver the original payment vouchers to your course teacher on the first day of class, along with your printed registration form to finalize the process.

What are the available modalities?

Modality Virtual courses
The academic hours are carried out in a virtual way (Online Platform)