The importance of Portuguese today has become a commercial tool. Before, the importance of Portuguese was simply referred to a half-way communication where both parties tried to communicate in a true portunol that is the mixture of Portuguese and Spanish. But since the emergence of MERCOSUR, the importance of Portuguese has been growing and nowadays the mixture of both languages has become very serious, therefore the importance of Portuguese. Speaking the Portuguese language correctly, generates a credit when closing a business, generates confidence to be able to function and security in a commercial activity.

In addition to the aforementioned, we recognize Portuguese for its loudness. The loudness of a language is among the most common reasons for wanting to learn Portuguese, and with Portuguese we have all this and more. It is a very musical, sweet and sweet language. Portuguese literature, music and especially poetry are beautiful. If you learn Portuguese you will be able to read such beautiful and evocative things as As Mascaras do Destino de Florbela Espanca, As Lusíadas de Luís Vaz de Camões, or enjoy Amália Rodrigues’s fados to the fullest, three of the most beautiful cultural assets that we have given the Portuguese country.

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