To obtain language constancy requirement only for postgraduate students: You must successfully complete 5 basic cycles of any language.

Language Basic Intermediate Advanced
English 10 cycles 10 cycles 6 cycles
Portuguese 5 cycles 4 cycles 3 cycles
Cycle duration
 Regular course
4 weeks
 Intensive course
2 weeks

Steps to register:

1. Pay in Banco de Comercio the code and the amount that corresponds to it:


Students in general

Matricula S/. 30.00 code 82591
Undergraduate Cost per cycle S/. 85.00 code 82592
EUDED Cost per cycle S/. 100.00 code 82600
Teachers, Admin staff Cost per cycle S/. 100.00 code 82599
External or Graduate Cost per cycle S/. 190.00 code 82593
EUPG Students Cost per cycle S/. 190.00 code 82596
Semi attendance Cost per cycle S/. 200.00 code 82601


2. Approach the institute with the following documents:


(*)The blended courses are aimed only at EUPG Students and External. The cost for the pension of the blended courses is only S /. 200.00

(**)For a quick attention we recommend to bring, with the data duly filled to the institute, the registration card (Download pdf button)