Language proficiency test


The Sufficiency Exam is a voluntary and formal act requested by the interested party in order to accredit the level of knowledge of a language for which it is subjected to an evaluation.

  • Language Proficiency Test

    Payments only at the Bank of Commerce

    • EUPG and Private Students: Code 80101               s/. 500.00       
    • Bachelor students: Code 80100               s/. 200.00       
    • Adm. Staff, Teachers, CUDED: Code 80100               s/. 200.00       
    • Particular Exam Date: Code 82589                  s/. 80.00       

    (*)See schedule of exam dates

  • Requirements

    Payments only at the Bank of Commerce

    • 01 copy of your ID
    • 01 recent color photography
    • Original and 2 copies of the Bank payment receipt
    • 01 copy of the university card or registration form (Student of Faculty)
    • 01 copy of the salary payment slip (Teachers and Administrative UNFV)
    • 01 copy of the UNFV High School diploma
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On the day of the exam, present only with ID and blue pen. Exams are scheduled for 11:00 am