The English language is practically present throughout the world and is considered the essential element of communication between cultures that share few or no features in common.

Today, English is considered the most important language globally, both for people who speak it as a first language (native speakers) and for those who speak it as a second language.

There are many factors that make English fundamental today worldwide. The ones we consider most important will be cited below.


English is of the utmost importance in this area. In most countries children learn English as a second language since it is the dominant language in science, most of the scientific studies and research found in any field are written in English. At the university level, the vast majority of subjects are taught in English.

Internet and the press

Most of the web pages are written and created in English. Even sites that are written in other languages often have the option of translating the site into English. It is the primary language of the media.

There are more newspapers and books written in English than in any other language and no matter where in the world you are, you will always find this type of resources in English.

The domain in international communication is such that you will always find information regarding each topic if you speak this language.

Travel and business

With a good level of understanding of the English language you can travel without problems around the world. Thanks to the international language, it is easy for foreigners to get help almost anywhere in the world. You can realize this on travel websites. Any site or online travel agency will always have the English language as an option to make reservations.

English is basic on any business trip you want to do. If you visit offices, companies or government organizations, you will realize the importance of the English language in this area.

International companies consider good English as well as conversational writing to be basic when hiring their employees.

The film and music industry

Today television and the largest music industries are in the United States. If your desire is to work in the media it is essential to master the English language.

In addition television programs and movies are a great way in which a person can practice the English language once they start to get into it. Knowing English allows you to enjoy thousands of movies, TV shows and video games.

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